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How To Speed Up Your Computer To Increase Performance

How to Speed Up Laptop Performance

Hi Guys, I’m going to share useful tips and tricks to Increase Speed of Laptop Performance. When it comes to laptops, it usually seems to be faster when it is newer and everyone remember the day they brought the laptop, open it and enjoyed the lighting-fast speeds no matter what is the configuration of laptop. But after a period it slow down with usage time due to several reasons. Within that period when we play games with lags and drops frame while playing then we look for How to Increase Laptop Performance for Gaming. The speed of laptop depends on various factors mainly on RAM Capacity, Operating System, Type of HDD, It’s usage, etc. The primary factor of performance of laptop depends on RAM management and it’s usage. If you’re using your laptop for a few years without any optimization then speed of your laptop depends on your usage itself. Also checkout How to Speed Up Android to Make it Run Faster.

How to Increase Speed of Laptop Performance

Generally, when laptop or computer performance is get lowered then we think, does installing more RAM really help? or Will uninstalling unused apps make any difference? Well to answer these questions and give best way to speed up laptops we divide this article into two sections:

How to Boost Laptop’s Speed

If you’re searching for How to Increase Computer Speed then this topic will help you. We all know that, after time to time the performance of PC slow down because of running applications, software temporary files, caches generations on hard drive which affect the RAM Management. So, below mentioned four factors will help you to Quick Ways Boost Your Laptop Speed. Checkout Free Disney+ Hotstar Premium Account ID and Passwords and Download Spotify Premium Mod Apk to listen songs online.

1. Uninstall Unused Applications to Boost Laptop Speed

When we start using our laptops we install lots of apps that we think we need and use but only few apps are there which we need and use. Whereas there are lots of free apps which often take up memory that we can’t use for a while. So, we must uninstall all the unused programs and apps to free up space acquired by them and provide quick speed boost to laptop by removing then from running apps. Specially, uninstall programs which includes games and larger unused file sizes. Also Download GB WhatsApp Apk for extra features in your WhatsApp and How to Hack Facebook Account Password in Minutes.

Steps to Uninstall Unused Apps on Windows

  • Go to Control Panel and open Programs and Features.
  • Now, you’ll get a list of applications installed on your laptop.
  • Select the useless apps and click on Uninstall to remove that unused apps from system one by one.
  • After uninstalling apps restart your computer and you’ll find that your computer works faster that earlier.

Steps to Uninstall Unused Apps on Mac

  • Open Finder and go to Applications tab.
  • Now click on Applications and press Command + Delete on Mac’s keyboard to send the file to the Trash.
  • After that go to Trash and Empty the trash to uninstall the app from system.

2. Use Disk Cleanup & Deleting Temporary Files to Increase Laptop Performance

The Disk Cleanup is a utility program featured on Windows that can access and removes all unwanted programs and files from laptop which acquired disk space and Optimize Laptop Performance. This is the best tool for windows to scrub the obsolete files of computer. You can find “Disk Cleanup” option in your search bar. Deleting temporary files also Increase Laptop Performance and you can delete all temporary file by opening Run from search bar and entering command %temp% or else you can use any optimization software like CCleaner which help to Increase CPU Performance. Checkout Indian Disposable Phone Numbers to Bypass OTP.

Mac users also get a similar features for Laptop Speed Optimization. It is easy in Mac, you can manage your storage by simply clicking on the left-top corner of your screen and then click on About This Mac. In this window, click on Storage to get an overview of hard drive usage being used. From this window, you can reduce the clutter by selecting Review Files, Optimize Storage or Move Files to iCloud. Checkout Best Pay Per Download Sites to earn money via downloads.

3. Limit Startup Tasks and Programs to Boost Speed After Startup

Whenever you turn on your laptop their is a bunch of programs which start running automatically on startup. These programs runs in the background and consume CPU memory and result in slow startup. So, by limiting the startup tasks you can increase starting speed of laptop performance. Also download PS3 Emulator Apk for Android to play ps3 games on android.

How to Limit Startup Tasks and Programs on Windows

  • First of all open Task Manager.
  • Now click on Startup tab.
  • Here you’ll find a list of running tasks and programs ranked by startup impact.
  • Now, here you can enable or disable whichever ones you feel necessary.

How to Limit Startup Tasks and Programs on Mac

  • First of all open System Preference panel.
  • Go to Users and Groups section.
  • Now, select login items at the top of the window.
  • After that view and adjust the programs according to your choice.

4. Scan for Viruses to Optimize Speed of Laptop

Viruses can also slow down your computer’s performance and prevent you from using certain programs. By scanning in your laptop once in a month or week will let you identify and remove viruses from your computer which result Speed up laptop performace. Windows users can scan their PC by built-in Windows Defender Antivirus to identify and remove viruses from computer. Mac users can download any Antivirus program and scan their PC from that program but remember that never have more than one antivirus program installed at one time. More than one antivirus program may result in slow down PC performance. Also checkout How to Make a Video with Photos and Music.

How to Improve Computer Performance

If you’re looking for How to Improve Laptop’s Performance then this topic will help you pretty much. Apart from above mentioned PC optimization tips, you can also Improve Laptop’s Speed by reinstalling OS and upgrading hardware. So, below mentioned three factors will help you to Quickly Improve Speed of Laptop Performance. You may like to Get Free Virtual Credit Card with Money.

1. Reinstall Operating System to Speed Up Slow Laptops

By reinstalling an Operating System your laptop get reset and become like new PC and work like a new ones. Windows offers the option to reinstall OS without losing all your files on computer. So, you can reset your computer/laptop from Recovery option in the Update and Security tab of the settings window. You can also reinstall fresh OS or Reset your computer completely by keeping your files on external hard drive. Also checkout Hammer VPN Unlimited Trick for Free Internet.

Mac users can reinstall OS by pressing and holding Command + R key while restarting Computer. This will open the MacOS Recovery window, from there you can choose Reinstall the OS without erasing your files.

2. Upgrade RAM to Make Slow Laptop a Fast Speed Laptop

RAM stands for Random Access Memory and it is a form memory storage that allows programs to run. RAM handle all the running games, programs, background apps, etc. Generally, laptops are bundled with 4 GB minimum RAM so the memory is easily then overloaded and less free RAM memory with result in Slow performance of laptop. So, if your laptop is compatible for upgrade, you can upgrade the RAM to minimum 8 GB or more according to your motherboards maximum capacity because all laptops are not upgradeable. Increasing RAM will Speed up Laptop Performance.

3. Add an SSD to Increase Laptop Performance Speed

SSD stands for Solid-State Drive, it is totally different from the traditional hard drive which is pre-installed on laptop. The Read and Write Speed of SSDs are very high as compared to HDD so the speed of any operation or task will become faster which result in increase speed of Laptop. SSDs do require installation but SSDs can’t be installed in all laptop’s, so if your laptop’s motherboard support SSD then you should definitely get a SSD of at least 256 GB installed on your Laptop and it is better to pay someone to install it for you. SSDs are a great way to immediately boost computer’s speed and performance.

Final Words

If you’re searching for How to Speed Up Windows/Mac Laptop then you can get a crucial speed optimization by uninstalling unused apps, cleaning your laptop, limiting startup tasks, scanning for viruses, reinstalling operating systems, upgrading RAM and adding an SSD.

Hope this article will help you, if you like this article please share it with your friends, colleagues, family members, etc. If you have any query or suggestions, please leave a comment and I’ll get back to you soon.

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