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How To Make Android Run Faster [Increase Speed of Android]

How To Make Your Android Run Faster

How to fix a slow Android Phone? Android is most popular Operating System for smartphone these days. So, most of the people spent several thousand money to bought a shiny new high-end smartphone with high RAM capacity for smooth and speedy performance. But it’s become frustrating when these high-end phones are prone to lag and slowdown occasionally after several months of usage. Whereas Mid-rangers and Budget end phones are even more prone to stuttering and lag in early stage of usage. The process of getting slow down of Android device is as same as Computer. Checkout Free Disney+ Hotstar Premium Account ID and Passwords and Download Spotify Premium Mod Apk to listen songs online.

So basically when smartphone performance prone to shutter and lag, most of the people think to change their smartphone and go for high specifications instead of fixing the issue which is the reason for lag and slow performance. There are various ways to speed up android performance to make android run faster. Also Download GB WhatsApp Apk for extra features in your WhatsApp and How to Hack Facebook Account Password in Minutes.

Best Ways to Speed up Android Performance to Make Android Run Faster

1. Make Sure Your Phone OS is up to date


Make Phone up to date to Latest Android OS

It is good practice to make sure your phone is up to date with latest software released by your device manufacturer. The latest software will often contains bug fixes and stability improvements and it can help your Android Phone to Run Better. Google releases security updates every months and installing a security patch may not make huge difference in the overall user experience but plays crucial role in fixes for security vulnerabilities. Software Update and Security Patch Updates are tend to come through OTA and you should automatically prompted to install them but if you doesn’t get any or missed any prompted then you can check it manually and install it anytime. Checkout Indian Disposable Phone Numbers to Bypass OTP.

To see if an update is available for your android phone, just go to Settings > About Phone > System Update and check for updates.

2. Uninstall and Disable Unused Apps


Uninstall or Disable Unsed Apps

Any smartphone you buy is coming with some pre-installed apps and any app on your smartphone takes up space on your device even if you’re not using it. Hence, it potentially eat your device system resources and result in taking longer time to operate in performance. Keep the apps you use, rest are garbage; uninstall or disable them. So, if you uninstall useless installed apps from your device then it results in Improve Performance of Phone Quickly. Checkout Best Pay Per Download Sites to earn money via downloads.

To uninstall Apps, just go to Settings > Apps and swipe over to All tab. Now take a look on the list and identify the Apps you don’t use or want. Once you identify them, tap on any app you don’t need and select Uninstall to remove that App from your Phone. If Uninstall option is not there then tap on Disable to disable it permanently.

You should also have a look on Running tab, once you finish with All tab Apps. Their are some apps running all the time which seriously impact the performance of phone. So, think carefully whether you need them or not from the list. Also download PS3 Emulator Apk for Android to play ps3 games on android.

3. Clear Cache Data and Remove Obsolete Files


Clear Cache Files and Obsolete Files

There are several apps in your smartphone which don’t use on regular basis but they are important enough to be remains install in your device. Like the apps to Book Train Tickets, Flights, Hotels, Order Food, etc. Every app create cached data to help them load faster but over a time it take up quite a lot of space and to Make Android Faster, try to clear the cache data for such apps. Clearing the cache data helps the apps run more smoother as it removes old data which might make it lag, freeze and crash. Also checkout How to Make a Video with Photos and Music.

To clear cache of individual apps, just go to Settings > Apps and swipe over All tab and find the App from list then tap on Clear Cache. Sometime we uninstall few apps but forget to clear cache data before uninstalling the app so the cached files remains in the phone in some cases. So, to remove those cache files use system cleaner if it is given in your device or else install “CCleaner” or “Files by Google” from playstore to clear cached data and clean storage and run it at least once a week to Make Android Phone Run Faster.

Note: Clearing cache data of apps will reset the app and do keep in mind that login, settings, preferences, saved data, etc are get deleted in many cases.

Also delete the unnecessary obsolete files from your phone internal memory which you can’t use and upload the rarely used but necessary file on cloud. Keep in mind that internal storage plays an important to Increase Performance of Android Phone. This helps you free some internal memory which improve the speed of android. You may like to Get Free Virtual Credit Card with Money.

4. Use Lite Version of Apps

Use Lite Version Android Apps


If you’re using a mid-range phone which is having lower memory and limited storage then using a full-fledged version apps can cause lag and crash of several apps. So, using a poorly optimized app can cause a lot of frustrations. Facebook and Messenger is the perfect example for this, they consume more RAM plus space and remains running in the background all the time. Whereas their lightweight version i.e. Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite is well optimized and specially designed to run on entry-level devices as low as 512 MB of RAM devices. It took very low space and consume very less RAM which help in Increase Speed of Android Phone Performance. There are some other apps also have their lightweight version like twitter, skype, opera etc. If you’re using phone with lower specs, you should consider installing this lite apps instead of full-fledged version.

5. Clean up Your Home Screen

Clean Up Home Screen


To improve android device performance use static wallpaper if you’re using live wallpaper because using a live wallpaper tends to slow things to a crawl specially for budget smartphones. If you’re seeing a bit of lag while switching between apps or home screens or when exiting an app to go back to home screen then you should also clean away any unused app icons from home screen and limit your widgets from home screen. The more clean up your home screen the better is the performance of your device. Also checkout Hammer VPN Unlimited Trick for Free Internet.

6. Turn Off or Reduce Animations

Reduce or Turn Off Animations


Android devices incorporates animations when doing transition from app to app or app to home screen, as well as on its normal functioning. You can make your Android device run faster and more efficiently by reducing or turning off these animations. To do this, you’ll need to enable Developer Options. In order to enable Developer Option, first go to Settings > About Phone and tap on Build Number several times until you get message of Developer Options Enabled. Now, go to Developer Options listed under System Settings and scroll down to find out Windows Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale and Animator Duration Scale. Tap on each one by one and set Animation Scale to .5x or Off to save animation time. Also download Live NetTV for Android to watch 800+ Live Channels Globally.

7. Try a Third-Party Launcher

Third Party Launchers


Some of the smartphone brands do customization to their smartphone’s OEM which make the device little bit slower in terms of launcher interface. Custom launchers are a great way to transform your Android Phone into a new version itself. A custom launcher provides significant performance boost, take up less memory and CPU than default launcher. Thus, installing a third-party custom launcher can significantly make android phone faster. So, try out some third-party launcher like Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, Go Launcher EX, etc.

8. Turn Off Auto Sync

Turn off Auto Sync


Most of the android user use different types of Accounts on their android device and allow them to sync automatically. It is easy to turn on auto-sync options for different accounts and apps to keep them constantly updated and sync in background to provide us new data or updates notifications. However, allowing auto-sync keep several apps in background running which constantly drain battery and negatively impact the performance too. So, we suggest to turn off auto-sync for several apps like Facebook, Twitter, news feed apps etc. To do so, just go to Settings > Accounts then Sync and just turn off the Auto-Sync button or else separately select the accounts and turn off auto-sync for selected accounts.

9. Perform a Factory Reset

Perform a Factory Reset


The ultimate option to make your android phone faster is to perform a factory reset. But you can consider to do it if and only if your device has slowed down to the level that you can’t do the basic things. Resetting your device makes your device really faster just like a new smartphone out of box. Before performing reset don’t forget to keep backup of your data.

There are two ways to perform reset on your android phone. First is by going to Settings > Backup & Reset then scroll down and select Erase All Data (Factory Reset). This option will perform a Factory Reset on your device which includes resetting device settings and wiping all the data from phone like images, videos, apps, documents, other files, etc.

Secondly, you’ll do it by booting into recovery mode and perform hard reset on the device. After turning off device, most of the android device will boot into recovery mode by pressing Power and Volume Down button together for around 5-10 seconds. This is also a way to reset your device but we suggest to do it from first method if you’re not aware of recovery mode because you may end up with bricked device if you do anything wrong their.

10. Install a Custom ROM

Install Custom ROM


Most of the smartphone manufacturer don’t provide latest Version of Android for their all android device they’re only focus on their flagship phone. For those devices that are no longer being updated custom ROMs are a way of getting newer version of Android OS. But for installing custom ROM, you must have to root you device and rooting result in warranty void. Rooting your android phone doesn’t offer any performance improvement but a custom ROM can.

Before installing Custom ROM, you must have entire knowledge of rooting and installing a custom ROM. You also have to do some research to find the right custom ROM that is suitable for your device and entirely support the hardware.

Final Words

These are the Best Top 10 Way to Make Android Device Run Faster and Improve the Speed of Android Phone Performance. I suggest to perform the top eights tips only and last two are a bit risky if you’re are not aware of them.

Hope this article will help you, if you like this article please share it with your friends, colleagues, family members, etc. If you have any query or suggestions, please leave a comment and I’ll get back to you soon.

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