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How To Activate Visitor Mode in Vivo Phones

How To Activate Visitor Mode In Vivo Mobiles

Activate Visitor mode in Vivo Phones to protect your personal files from other users. Vivo Mobiles are many hidden tips and tricks in it, from which one is How to Enable Visitor Mode in Vivo v9 Mobile. It is similar to Guest Mode or Private Mode available in other brand android mobiles. Basic function of Visitor Mode is to protect your personal files from other users who use your mobile, to maintain your privacy. Also download GB WhatsApp for Android to read deleted message by Anti-revoke feature and How to Hack Facebook Account in few Minutes.

Vivo Visitor Mode protect your privacy by providing a restricted minimal access to applications and to hide your private content from those users who access your personal content while using your phone. By configuring Visitor Mode you can hide all your contacts, photo albums, videos, files and also safeguard your social networking applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. So, Visitor Mode in Vivo Mobile help you to protect your personal data from others access and you can feel extra secure and relax. This Visitor Mode is available in almost all models like Vivo v9, Vivo v11 Pro, Vivo v7+, Vivo v5s, etc. Checkout Indian Disposable Phone Number for OTP verification by virtual numbers and get Free Annual Hotstar Premium Subscription.

What is Visitor Mode?

Visitor Mode is an inbuilt function of Vivo mobiles which is introduced by FunTouch OS to maintain the users privacy from others. It is similar to Guest Mode or Private Mode but it is same as Xiaomi’s Second Space feature. This feature is more secure than guest mode or private mode. Visitor Mode allows you to have two sets of pattern at a time, one for admin user and another one for guest user. Have a look on Best Pay Per Download Sites to make money online.

What is Use of Vivo Visitor Mode?

Vivo Visitor Mode is a very useful feature and every  vivo user should know about it. Visitor mode protect your personal data by creating a separate space for guest users. Whenever someone close to you ask for your mobile, you have to give your phone to them because you can’t just say no to them. So, if you don’t Activate Visitor Mode in Vivo then you can’t stop them to access your gallery, contacts, files, apps, and other personal files. To protect personal files from others pattern lock then fingerprint lock is introduced but you can’t denied to your close friends, family members to unlock your phone if they ask for it. Must try Hammer VPN Premium Apk for free.

You can hide your personal files by using any third-party apps available on play store but everyone is aware of it now and it is not so secured. But in Vivo’s Visitor Mode all your personal files and apps are secured in a separate space and a new space just like a new mobile with separate data. So, you’ve to Enable Visitor Mode in Vivo Mobile and set a separate pattern lock for it. Next time when your friend demands to you for your mobile for few minutes and ask to unlock it then just tell him the pattern of your Visitor Mode so that when he draw the pattern lock to unlock your phone it Start Visitor Mode and access the files available for guest user. Also Download PS3 Emulator Apk for Android to Play PS3 Games on Android.

How to Activate/Enable Visitor Mode in Vivo Mobile

Most of the Vivo Smartphone users are still not aware of Visitor Mode feature in Vivo. Thus, they don’t know How to Activate Visitor Mode in Vivo Mobile and if you’re looking for How do I enable Visitor Mode? then this article is for you, here you’ll learn How to Enable Visitor Mode in Vivo Phone. Visitor Mode setup is only accessible from admin mode, so to Activate Vivo Visitor Mode just follow the below given instructions.

  • First of all, go to Settings on your Vivo Mobile and tap on Security.

    Activate Visitor Mode in Vivo
    Visitor Mode in Vivo
  • Now tap on Visitor Mode then tap on Set Password and then Create Pattern or Pin whatever you want want to set.

    Enable Vivo Visitors Mode
    Enable Vivo Visitors Mode
  • After that tap on Protect Contacts to hide your contact which you don’t want share or show to other users. Select all required contacts and tap on Done.

    Activate Visitors Mode in Vivo Mobiles
    Protect Contacts
  • After that tap on Hide Icons to hide apps in Funtouch OS like Facebook, WhatsApp, Banking Apps, etc.

    Enable Visitors Mode in Vivo Phones
    Hide Application Icons
  • After that slide button to enable the Protect Albums and Videos  feature. If you don’t want to hide your gallery then just leave it.

    Enable Visitor Mode in Vivo
    Protect Album and Videos
  • All done! now your FunTouch OS Visitor Mode in Vivo Mobile is ready to use.

Now to start Visitor Mode, just lock the device and use the new visitor mode pattern or pin to unlock your Vivo Phone and your device will Enable Vivo Visitor Mode automatically where you can’t access all the data which you hide during Setup of Visitor Mode in Vivo Phone. So, whenever someone ask for your phone just give your phone freely without any hesitation but unlock it on Visitor Mode for others. Also checkout How to Get Virtual Credit Card with money for free.

Since, this function is part of FunTouch OS, there is no chance to encrypt your files by using any third-party encryption tool. If anyone in Visitor Mode go to Settings and Security then this Visitor Mode option is not present there. So, your applications and files are protected, and when you got your phone just lock it and unlock it using admin pattern or pin to access all your files simply. Also have a look on How To Make Video Using Photos And Music.


So, if you’re not using Visitor Mode of Vivo Phone then I suggest you to Activate Visitors Mode in Vivo and start using it because it is very safe and help you to protect your personal file from others.

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